Download the “Q.W.I.K.E.E. Quality Work Information Kept Easy and Effective” PDF

This document will give you quick reference information to help every postal employee in their office and career development. There are separate chapters to help with computer skills, daily operations and finance. You have questions on city, rural, or cds delivery this is available as well. Looking to move up in the Postal Service, QWIKEE has a chapter on preparing yourself for career advancement with assistance with completing your eCareer and preparing for the interview.

Does my Office Earn a Supervisor

John "Jack" Jameson
Duration: 12:09

This presentation by National Vice President Jack Jameson is a step by step tutorial on running the SWCs formula with your specific office data to see if you earn a supervisor or maybe another supervisor. Postmasters of Administrative Post Offices need to be especially aware that their added RMPOs may earn them a supervisor.

A Successful Interview Presented by Pamela Payne

Pamela Payne
Duration: 14:18

This eLearning video contains advice and tips on how best to prepare for interviews, both in person and over the telephone. Learn how to cut down on the nerves and present yourself professionally and well-prepared, in order to secure that long-awaited promotion.

APO Update

Tim Burke
Duration: 11:45

The purpose of this presentation is to provide information to Administrative Post Office (APO) Postmasters with useful information on managing Remotely Managed Post Offices (RMPOs)

WSC with Exception Credits

John "Jack" Jameson
Duration: 06:25

Third in the series titled “What is My Office Level”, this presentation by National Vice President Jack Jameson details Exception Credits, which are used by offices with station and branches, but now also Administrative Post Offices with RMPOs. RMPOs are fairly new and earn these Exception Credits and can accelerate the upgrade of some APOs over the Zone of Tolerance by up to two years.

What Makes a Good Leader

Tim Burke
Duration: 14:09

The purpose of this presentation is to provide League members with an overview of what constitutes a leader and how different leadership styles affect the workplace.

2013 POStPlan Update

Mark W. Strong
Duration: 09:47

Mark gives a quick update on what is going on with POStPlan today. He gives and overview on how many offices have been converted to RMPOs and AP0s and what is shaping up for full implementation of POStPlan in October 2014. Mark stresses the point of understanding how your office level will be finalized using 2013 variance data and helping yourself find that soft landing.

What is My Office Level Series: Using the PS Form 150

John "Jack" Jameson
Duration: 19:29

Part 1 of the Series. Jack details how to properly determine the level of your office if the office is a level 18 or higher office, or might be. He covers how to determine the Zone of Tolerance, when an office goes up in level and how to document and submit the request properly to increase your office level.

What is My Office Level Series: Using the Adjusted Earned Workload Process (AEWL)

John "Jack" Jameson
Duration: 23:00

In Part 2 of this series, Jack shows how the level of your office will be determined if you don’t earn enough credits using the PS Form 150. He goes over what drives your workload numbers, how postmasters and others can get help from League officers to determine their numbers, and also goes over the actual formulas used in the yearly determination of office levels.

Single Drawer Accountability for RMPO 2 and 4 hour Offices

Shelly Souders
Duration: 13:01

This session goes over the detailed financial set up and daily responsibilities for APO Postmasters. It assist RMPO 2 and 4 hour offices as well as APO offices with financial compliance and reviews the responsibilities of managing finances under single drawer accountability.

E Careers

Shelly Souders
Duration: 24:38

Navigating the E Careers Program with helpful hints on building your Personal Profile and applying for posted positions.

Postal Service’s POStPlan

Mark W. Strong
Duration: 27:15

POStPlan is an overview of the Postal Services plan to change the structure of Rural Post Offices that earn less than 8 hours of work. This presentation first goes over the history of how we got to this event. From CFR 241 changes, stakehholders input and the respnse from public and Congress. The presentation then goes over the actual structure of the plan, what offices will be impacted and the timeline the POStPlan will follow. The POStPlan is a history changing event for Postmasters.

SOV/CSV Earned Hours for POStPlan (Revised Formula)

Gregory Sean Acord
Duration: 34:43

This presentation covers that data flow and the formulas used when determining the earned hours for POStPlan offices. The presentation covers everything, from how to get into the program, where the data comes from and how it is converted into earned hours. The presentation shows the calculations used by the Postal Service to get the earned hours used for determining the level of 2,4,6 and 18 Post Offices and determining actual earned hours less Postmaster administrative time.

Post Office Closings

Gregory Sean Acord
Duration: 15:08

This presentation covers the Post Office closure process from the 60 day possible closure to the appeal process. We also discuss the need for community involvement and legislative activity that will be the best course of action to stop rural post office closure.

2011 APWU Contract Changes

Mark W. Strong
Duration: 16:16

This power point training session looks at the dates that the contract encompasses. We will go over general information that impacts Postmasters, new positions that were created because of the new contract and why they were made. The Power Point presentation will explain the 204B usage that is a part of the new contract. We take a long look at the non-traditional full time assignments (NTFT), what they can and can't do. We also spend time talking about the new Postal Support Employee (PSE), what they can do and can't do.

Delivery Optimization Unit (DUO)

Gregory Sean Acord
Duration: 27:39

The intent of DUO is to maximize clerk usage by consolidating delivery units. How will it impact the losing and gaining office. What is the impact on customers, employees and Postmasters when an office goes through DUO. We look at what criteria is used to start a DUO process and what makes a financially sound DUO vs. one that is being done simply to close offices.